Roads. Roads. Roads. If you live in Michigan, you are probably tired of talking about this issue. As someone who supported viable alternative plans that could repair our roads without raising taxes at the state level, I feel this can be done at the local level as well. Monroe County has a unique dynamic, as it has a Board of Commissioners that sets a budget for roads, but also has a Road Commission that dictates that budget. The key to road repair, maintenance, and snow removal is making sure that those two entities have open lines of communication, a good working relationship, and make common sense decisions that benefit the residents of Monroe County, not just the elected officials. A great example would be snow removal in South County. (Temperance, Bedford, Lambertville) By making common sense decisions to utilize salt buildings for truck refills that are close to that area, the residents of those areas could get salt relief hours before they do now. A second example would be to consider purchasing state of the art road repair equipment that could save the County millions of dollars in the long term. Using our tax revenues wisely is one of the most important things an elected official can do. I am dedicated to relentlessly representing the residents of his district and the residents of Monroe County on this issue.