As a Realtor whose company has valued over 60,000 properties and who has helped clients lower their property taxes, I understand the importance of accurate property taxes. Over the past ten years, the real estate market has never been more volatile. Residential, commercial and agricultural values have just recently started to see an increase since the downturn of 2008. The impact of this is that many residents in Monroe County who own homes, businesses and land are potentially overpaying their annual property taxes. Greg has been at the forefront of this issue for the majority of his time in public service. He has worked with attorneys and tax tribunals to assist property owners as they go to their local municipality and voice their concerns. He has also had an input on legislation that was passed in Lansing to make this process easier at the state level, however we must take it further. The process of reassessing the tax liability for property owners must be simpler for Monroe County’s residents.

Greg will use his extensive knowledge in property valuation as well as his experience with the Board of Review to ensure that Monroe County’s residents have their property taxes assessed based on the fair market value of their home and to guarantee a simpler process in disputing those values should they not fall in-line with market norms. When a county has local municipalities that assess at a fair value, the result is an increase in homebuyers, businesses and investors to the area. The impact of this action expands the tax base and increases the quality of life in our communities.