As a lifelong resident of Monroe County, a business owner, and coupled with his
public service record, Greg has the character, experience, and fiscal
responsibility to make our community strong and vibrant for our
citizens and small businesses.
Greg resides in Temperance with his wife of ten years, Samantha and their three young children: Penelope, Coralie and Oliver. Greg is a lifelong resident of Monroe County and recently purchased and restored a Nineteenth century Victorian farmhouse in Temperance. Greg and Samantha enjoy homeschooling their children so they will be taught a solid foundation of personal faith, moral character and receive a quality education, such as Greg did when he was homeschooled. Greg and Samantha believe that raising children, who respect authority, think critically and hold honesty and integrity in high esteem, is the most precious responsibility God could give them. Greg and Samantha approach all they do as an equal team and they feel blessed to seek out every new challenge together.

Greg has always found himself involved in his community. He believes community is extremely important to the fabric of our families, neighborhoods and churches. From being a team leader in Nicaragua on outreach missions, to serving food to the homeless and under privileged in his community, Greg has always believed that a servant’s heart and the call of the Gospel has no geographical boundaries. Having served in Bible study ministries at the Monroe County jail, as well as volunteering with local charity events, he understands that to build a community you must be involved in your community. Greg serves on the worship team of his local church and considers outreach to be a vital tool with changing a community for the better. He has shaped his business around this model so he may better inform, educate and train others when involved in real estate transactions. Greg also fully supports Samantha’s business, Threads for Compassion, which produces clothing and accessories for children. Samantha graciously uses that income to help support mission work, orphanages and the under-privileged.

Greg took an interest in civics, government and the overall political process at an early age. This was evident when he won a student council president election in second grade and continued into high school when he presented his senior thesis exposing the corruption in Congress. Greg has always felt that public officials are put in place to serve the people. It was instilled in Greg as a youth that all authority is God ordained and that authority must be respected. He was taught that public servants and elected officials should be held to a higher standard. To this day, Greg has held true to those beliefs.

As a fiscal conservative, Greg has served as a precinct delegate in his community, a legislative liaison in Lansing and as a policy advisor for State Senators and Representatives. Greg has witnessed budgets and bills that burden the taxpayer and ultimately break down the family unit. He has publicly rallied against bills that have attempted to strip local municipalities of their right to govern and that would negatively impact police and fire protections. He has been steadfast to read line-item bills that could have a negative affect on his community and advise on the positive alternatives for those bills. Greg believes that the local political unit is the most important of any political unit in the United States and it must be preserved. As an account manager for a Fortune 50 company, Greg collaborated with company leadership on seven figure budgets in an effort to increase market share, client awareness and overall product growth. It was there that he honed his skills in being proficient in creating and maintaining a fiscally conservative budget while achieving those key performance indicators for the company. Balancing needs and wants effectively, Greg learned how to think creatively and navigate a leadership team through budget negotiations, staffing changes and leadership appointments. Having extensive knowledge of how free market capitalism works in the private sector, undergirded by the exchange of goods and services for labor, has given Greg the perspective on how a county should be led in the public sector. As a business owner, Greg has understood the importance of integrity, negotiation, and leadership. It takes perseverance, dedication and tenacity with operating a successful business.

Greg has been tackling tough issues and projects his whole life. This was evident in 2012 when, in a downturned economy, Greg left a successful career to start his own business. Some may have questioned this decision however his family and friends understood Greg’s passion that drove his decision. Instead of avoiding challenges, Greg views them as an opportunity to learn and grow. The challenges that come from operating a business and collaborating with constituents is what Greg believes is the opportunity to build a person’s character.

Greg wants to bring his vast experience, the love of his community and duty to provide his family a promising future, to the Monroe County Board of Commissioners. With your help you can join in this goal and become a partner in the process to make your community a better place.